Welcome to CAVU Logistics

At CAVU it is our mission to provide the highest quality service and solutions that increase the profitability and success of our customers. 

Our Solution

Operational Excellence

We achieve operational excellence through lean principles and continuous improvement. This strategy creates success in our organization and our customers.

Integrated Technology

We utilize fully integrated technology throughout our operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide the highest level of Supply Chain transparency.

Strategic Sourcing

We leverage the combined spend of our customers to procure service with group discount savings, and provide the highest level of quality at the best rates.

Global Service Coverage

We offer full service transportation and logistics on nationwide and international Truckload, Intermodal, Ocean, and Air freight.

Specialized Freight

Our Specialized Freight team has the experience to accomplish the largest and most complicated moves to make our customers projects a success.

Project Management

Our full service solutions include multiple supplier coordination and management to ensure your largest projects finish on time and on budget.